Leveling the playing field

Imagine sharing an air freight gateway, not just an aircraft. Imagine planes and warehouses working together in real time. Imagine getting value for any aircraft that is flying empty or partially loaded, now consolidated to give you great cost savings. This is Aircon’s vision of gateway as a service.

Our Vision

Smaller air freight forwarders lose out on business because they lack the critical mass of larger companies. They are not only at a disadvantage in the “Rate” but also in the opportunity to consolidate.

Aircon is the first platform designed to enable  small and medium forwarders to compete with larger companies, in the air freight business. A kind of modern day David vs Goliath.

Using technology and proprietary processes, Aircon executes time-sensitive consolidation of your shipment right up to wheels-up so that you receive the best possible pricing.

Aircon worker as David and corporate giant as Goliath
Growth and success from using Aircon


Our mission is to allow forwarders of all sizes to have access to consolidation options worldwide. Allowing you to operate a more efficient and lower cost business. Improving margins and giving you a competitive edge as a freight forwarder.


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In late 2021, we closed our pre-seed funding round for $1M with Schematic Ventures

While air cargo is one of the most exciting categories of freight transportation, it has yet to see the same level of innovation as the rest of the supply chain industry. Chris, Irl and Reed are building technology to achieve operational efficiencies that will change what air cargo means to the global supply chain. We were excited to lead Aircon's preseed round and support their mission to transform the industry."
Portrait of Julian Counihan
Julian Counihan
Partner, Schematic Ventures


Portrait of Chris Condon

Chris Condon


Chris has 26 years of significant management experience in third party logistics.
TriCon Logistics
Expeditors International of Washington

Department Manager

Portrait of Irl Wakefield

Irl Wakefield

VP, Operations

20 years in the DFW market and and expert in international airfreight transportation, regulatory compliance and customs regulations.
Regional Sales Manager
Expeditors International
Regional Manager, US South Central



An experienced engineer and engineering leader.
VP of Engineering
Software Architect

Freight Forwarders

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