Why Aircon?

Shared Gateway

Unlock the benefits of consolidation by sharing space on an aircraft with other shipments headed to the same destination. More we are able to consolidate, the better the rates we’re able to pass on to you.

Behind the scenes of an Aircon facility where boxes are being loaded on to an aircraft
Software robot consolidating packages into a ULD

Technology-Enabled Service

We use proprietary algorithms to optimize your route and consolidation. We provide you with the most up-to-date data, the most frequent updates and the information you need in order to make smart decisions and respond better to market conditions.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Aircon consolidates your shipment with many others headed to the same destination on aircraft what would have otherwise flown either empty or partially filled. Thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Aircraft flying over trees to show a lower carbon footprint

The Process

Man being overwhelmed with multiple tasksMan looking happy because he has made his life easier with Aircon.

Our Difference

We are the first company to deliver gateway services at scale to the freight forwarding community. Our algorithms pool shipments that combine dense and voluminous cargo to achieve the master consolidation available while passing the “net effect” or savings back to the freight forwarder. 

80% of Air Freight is not being consolidated because:

Benefits of Shipping with Aircon Aircon Back to Back
Consolidation (net effect)
Consolidated savings returned to the forwarder
Always book at the lowest cost option
Book Online and receive an instant EWAB
Contracted rates with multiple airlines
Only pay for the space you need

In the news

Switch to shared airfreight gateways to reduce shipping costs and get shipments to your destinations on time. 

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