Gateway as a service. Simplified.

80% of Air Freight is not shipped as a consolidation. Unlock the benefits of shared airfreight gateways for the freight forwarding community. 

Behind the scenes of an Aircon facility where boxes are being loaded on to an aircraft

Perks of using Aircon

Book on Contracted Rates with the our air carriers

Quote in less than 1 minute

Auto generated quotes and labels based on shipment information

Track your shipment with automated updates

Consolidated savings returned back to the forwarder

An inside look at the shared airfreight gateway

Interconnection between multiple transport methods and an Aircon warehouse

Online Quoting in less than 1 minute

Wow that was fast. Need an airfreight quote, no need to contact the airline. Our contracted rates are live.

Woman sitting on a box and booking a shipment
MAWBs are created from HAWBs

Master Airway Bill Consolidation

We match all shipments headed to the same destination with others at the same service level to create a larger booking.

Reliable Transit Times

We consolidate but never hold shipments beyond their expected ship date. You’re guaranteed to pay contract rates or better after consolidation. 

Aircon worker quickly loading boxes onto a pallet
Rate optimized notification as a truck gets loaded

Cherry on top

After consolidation, we reduce the overall chargeable weight of the master consolidation and the savings are returned to each forwarder in the consolidation.

Switch to shared airfreight gateways to reduce shipping costs and get shipments to your destinations on time. 

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